Foster Friday with Farrah

Name: Farrah

Time in our care: 2 weeks

Age: about 1.5 years old

How Farrah ended up with us: Farrah was an owner rehome. When we saw a post on this beautiful girl, we couldn’t pass her up!

Adventure: No big adventures with little Farrah. Just lots of walks around the neighborhood!

Personality: Farrah is one of the most beautiful blonds I’ve ever seen. She was a complete angel – great with all dogs, soft as could be, had all her basic commands down and never once went potty in the house. She was an absolute joy having in our home and was the best cuddler, she thought she was a lap dog. And while she was shorter than Gonzo and Sophia, she still was not lap dog size! But that didn’t stop her from trying!

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Sophie hated her. I don’t think Sophie enjoys having a gorgeous, younger blond in the house. Queenie was not impressed. Gonzo and her got along great, per usual. I think it’s safe to assume that this section will always say that Gonzo got along great with our foster. He is so perfect.

Funny story: How she would always try to sneakily climb into the bed.

How she would ride on the floor boards in the car. Girlfriend! Stick you head out the window!

How she would always look so guilty but, she never once did something wrong!

Adopters: Farrah was adopted by a great little family in the area. She has a brother who is similar in age. They immediately hit it off! She also has two human siblings whom love her very much. Whenever we took her on walks, she would only pull when she saw kids. She absolutely loves them, and I am so glad she landed a family with two sweet little kids who love her! Her parents are great and love her very much. She is a lucky girl who deserves all the love in the world!

#83 – For the past several months I have been consistently active. Running and CrossFit-ing again. I have so enjoyed being back in a routine and am beyond grateful for having a body that allows me to. Looking forward to what 2019 holds!


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