Grand Teton National Park

After our day in Yellowstone Taylor and I made our way 3 hours south to Jackson, Wyoming.

This is an area I was especially looking forward to because I had heard so many good things about Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons over the years. I was also excited to be back in the forested mountains!

Our campsite wasn’t anything to write home about but the location was perfect! Right downtown!

On our first night in town Taylor and I went to Roadhouse Brewery. Dinner and drinks we delicious! After that we walked around downtown in and out of all the shops! We also got some yummy shakes at Jackson Drug!

For day 1 we headed straight into the park! I couldn’t wait to hike up Cascade Canyon because I had heard it was a good place to spot some moose! To get to the trailhead we took a ferry across Jenny Lake. Then we hiked up to Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls. After that it was up into Cascade Canyon. The hike was absolutely beautiful. Mountains flanking us on both side and a crystal clear stream that carved out our path. This hike was different from most others in that there was no certain destination. It was just a wonderful hike through a beautiful place! And guess what?! We saw two moose! One cow and one bull! The cow was too far away to get a good picture of her but not the bull! Taylor and I watched both of them for quite awhile, they are so big! Anyway, we had lunch in a wonderful little spot, hiked to the fork and then turned around.

I made a delicious dinner at home that night and we took the pups for a nice long walk around the campground.

For day 2 we knew we wanted to do something with the pups so we headed out to this cute little bagel shop that we drove by on our way into town, Pearl Street Bagel! It backs right up to a little river and was such a great place to get a fresh bagel. There were tons of dogs walking around everywhere so we were all in heaven.

After that we headed into the park with the pups to check out some of the scenic overlooks and Mormon Row. We saw some beautiful sights and then it was back to camp to relax and clean up the camper a bit.

That evening we went to one of the off-leash areas in town and had a blast! The dogs got to play in the river and then we walked along the levee for quite awhile. We also met some fellow doodles along the way! The dogs had the time of their life per usual and were asleep in the car before we got back to camp! Taylor and I ordered in Pinky G’s pizza for dinner and it was so yummy!

Since we still had two very tired pups the following day Taylor and I decided to spend day 3 back in the park. This time we hiked to Taggart and Bradley Lakes. It was such a great hike. The lakes were beautiful and we met a ton of friendly people.

It wasn’t too long of hike so we still made it back in time to hang out with the dogs a bit before dinner at Snake River Brewing Company. We sat next to the greatest family from Park City! It was fun chatting with them throughout the night!

I knew I wanted to spend day 4 which, was the final day of the our summer trip with the pups hiking off-leash. So after some research I decided on Goodwin Lake in Gros Ventre National Forest. So we strapped on the adventure harnesses and bear bells and we were off!

It was the perfect last hike. It was quite steep in the beginning but the dogs made easy work of it. Then it was pretty smooth going. After about 3 miles through beautiful forest and fields of wildflowers we were rewarded with beautiful Goodwin Lake! We had lunch, explored a bit, and played some fetch. Taylor and I could have stayed there the whole afternoon but the bugs were getting pretty bad when there wasn’t a breeze so we made our way back to the car. I should also mention that the road to the trailhead was pretty gnarly and required some 4-wheel drive (which Taylor loved).

We made it back to camp took one last nap outside in the shade, made dinner and packed up camp for our early morning departure.

#115 – This trip. For always showing me what’s really important and for intensifying my beliefs in what life is all about.

#116 – Always having a mountain in view for the past 7 weeks.

#117 – Sleeping with the windows open every night.

#118 – Turning the heater on for a few minutes in the morning to take the chill out.

#119 – Getting to wear sweatshirts and sweaters in the evenings all summer long.

#120 – Quick afternoon rain showers.

#121 – Afternoon naps in the shade.

#122 – Being able to see the stars every night.

#123 – For all my wonderful friends and family who joined me.

#124 – For my two wonderful companions Sophie and Gonzo. They always make me smile, keep me company, love the outdoors and they teach me so much. At times it can be annoying to travel with two dogs especially with one who’s anxiety/brattiness level is at times quite high and another who takes forever to do his business. But I wouldn’t change it. I love that I get to spend everyday with them over the summer in such beautiful places. The experiences we have shared are priceless and are my most precious.

“It is not the presence of animals and plants that makes conservation necessary, but the presence of people.”


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