Yellowstone National Park

After leaving Glacier National Park I made my way down to a campground on the north side of Yellowstone National Park. I had one more night by myself before I had to pick up Tami at the airport.

I set up camp at the most beautiful spot along the river.

Wellllllll I was busy cleaning the camper and doing laundry. When I was coming back from switching from the washer to the drier I saw two pairs of Birkenstock’s hiding on the other side of my camper. My first thought was that my neighbors were saying hello to Sophie and Gonzo through the window! But then!!!! Tami AND Kati! Jumped out and yelled surprised! There was no flight and Kati didn’t have work commitments! They had been planning to drive out to visit the whole time! Ha! What a surprise! Sister trips are my favorite!

We spent the night catching up and laughing! Then it was off to Yellowstone!

For day 1 we toured the northern part of the Grand Loop! Spending time at the Visitor Center, Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Basin and Lamar Valley. We saw elk, bears, coyote and bison!! Sooo fun! We learned all about the geothermal activity in the area that has caused it to look so otherworldly. We also learned about the different kinds bacteria that thrive in very hot temperature. Based on the color of the water you can tell which kind of bacteria live there and can therefore know how hot the water is. For example, blue is the hottest while brown is the coolest. Ranging in temperatures from about 100 to 200 degrees!

On our way home from the park we stopped at Tumbleweed for dinner and saw the most brilliant rainbow!

On day 2 in Yellowstone we spent our time along the east side of the park and touring the entire southern part of the Grand Loop! We saw more bear, bison and elk! We even got to see a momma grizzly and her two cubs! We initially spotted them up in a tree! One of the highlights for sure! We hiked down to the brink of Lower Falls, checked out Old Faithful, took in the views at Yellowstone Lake, and saw some mud pots and the most beautiful blue pool at West Thumb. Lastly, we walked around Grand Prismatic Spring! 😍

We also decided to play the license plate game on day 2. It was the absolute best time and made our day that much better! We saw 48 states in one day!! We even got Hawaii! Where you at New Hampshire and Delaware?! We also got over half of the Canadian providences! So much fun!!

For day 3 we floated the Madison River! I was terrified because it had only been in the 70s with scattered showers and I assumed the water would be freezing! But it was a great day and the water was perfect! We even got to spend some time in the awesome town of Bozeman!

That night we played fetch with the pups and roasted some marshmallows around the campground’s community fire! A great last night with my sisters!

Funny story: When we checked in Gonzo thought this carved bear was apparently real and launched into full blown attack mode in the car! It was hysterical! He was growling and everything 🤣 dork!

The following morning my sisters and I got breakfast in cute downtown Livingston. Then they headed back to Wisconsin and I headed south to my next campsite!

I arrived at my in West Yellowstone that afternoon, setup camp and got ready for Taylor’s arrival the following day!

Since Taylor was flying into Bozeman and I loved the town so much I decided to arrive early to spend the day up there exploring the area and grocery shopping! We of course stopped at an awesome dog park! Gonzo even ran and jumped off the dock! So fearless when a ball is involved!

And just like that the Bordelon’s were reunited!

Taylor and I got to spend one full day in Yellowstone and it was great! We toured around Norris Basin a little bit more, checked out Grand Prismatic Spring from a different angle and spotted a ton of wildlife! Such a great first full day back together!

#110 – My sisters! For gifting me with another amazing sisters trip!

#111 – For a husband who shares my passion for the outdoors and gets just as excited as I do about things! And loves our pups so much!

#112 – For my mom for helping out with Bentley so Tami felt 150% okay leaving my niece, Bentley for the first time! And for letting my sister borrow her car. Thanks Mom!

#113 – I’m so thankful that I got to witness all these animals in the wild in their natural habitat! Most know I’m not a fan of zoos and why would I be when you can see these amazing animals in Yellowstone living how they have always lived! Albeit a lot more cameras are pointed in their direction but still!

#114 – It was absolutely magical being at our nation’s first national park and learning about our country’s public lands journey!

“It is not enough to understand the natural world; the point is to defend and preserve it.”


2 thoughts on “Yellowstone National Park

  1. Truly amazing photos! I can’t tell you how happy I am that my 3 daughters were able to spend quality time together doing what they all love😍. I’m also grateful for you and your blogging so we are all able to share and see these beautiful places !!!
    Love you bunches honey 🥰

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