Flaming Gorge

As we were making our way further west we took a pit stop in The Flaming Gorge. The Green River cut through the red rock in the gorge giving it its name. An absolutely beautiful place with even friendlier people!

My first experience with a friendly person was checking into the campground and the second was when her husband helped me back into my spot! I stress the HELP part! He didn’t do it for me – I was driving and I’m so proud of myself! Thanks Scott!

We stayed here for two days.

Day 1 just consisted of walking around the beautiful campground. Green grass, horses, goats (that acted and were treated more like dogs), deer, a stunning sunset and a nice breeze!

Day 2 consisted of a wonderful little hike along the Red Canyon Rim Trail! The views were breathtaking. Pictures do it no justice so I apologize in advance!

After the trail we stopped by the Flaming Gorge Dam for the best Dam tour in town!! We had the best Dam (and cutest) guide! It was Dam interesting; so many Dam facts! It was made even better because the secondary release was open. Which means water was being released out of two pipes and not even go through the power plant. The water was coming out at 120 mph. Which the guide said is equivalent to 2000 basketballs per second! We also got to see the cutest girl, Penelope the Otter, getting her nightly treat from the employees!

#89 – I’m thankful for such beautiful weather.

#90 – To Scott for helping me back in. It is a source of anxiety for me. By forcing me to do it through guidance it EMPOWERED me! I can’t wait to try to back up at my next location!

#91 – For beautiful places that are taken care of and cherished by others!


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