Foster Friday with Heidi

Name: Heidi aka Heidi Ho aka Heids aka Heidi Girl aka Sophie (Since they looked so much alike at first glance and I, for the life of me, couldn’t call them their correct names, sorry Soph!)

Time in our care: 3 weeks

History: Heidi is 7 months old and was surrendered by her former owner to a local kill shelter. She was turned in for playing too rough with the other dog in her home. IDOG tagged her and picked her up almost immediately after she was surrendered. She didn’t even have to spend a night in the pound!

Adventure: Heidi didn’t really get to go on any real adventures. She did get to go on LOTS of walks though. She’s a puppy and verrrrrrry hyper; to put it lightly she has lots of energy to expend!

Personality: I’m completely in love with Miss Heidi. She reminds me so much of puppy Sophia and it has been really fun to have her in our house! It has also made me incredibly sad because we are quickly approaching Sophia’s 11th birthday, which is always a hard time of year for me. However, Sophie has been keeping up with little Heidi just fine which puts a big smile on my face!😊😊

Back to Heidi! She is so incredibly smart! She came to us knowing how to sit, shake, lay down and come. She is also house trained and spayed. Not quite sure why someone would put so much work into their dog only to surrender them to a kill shelter 🤷🏻Their loss, our gain!

Heidi is sweet, the best cuddler and a complete goofball. She’s a complete diva and has the gentlest heart. My niece, Bentley came to visit while Heidi was with us and Heidi was so great with her.

Heidi has such a true love of life and is one of the most positive dogs I have ever met. She doesn’t let anything get her down and is always excited about everything and everyone. She can put a smile on anyone’s face. She was such a joy to have in our home!

Queen Sophia Rose and Gonzo’s thoughts: Sophie gave her the typical silent treatment for the first two days and Gonzo was the sweetest as usual. Once her and Sophia started playing we realized they play in the exact same form so that was really fun to watch! Poor Gonzo doesn’t have the heart to tell anyone, “no”. So, we had to make sure that Heidi didn’t play with him too much and that he had time to rest. Luckily, she is really great with redirection and would happily play on her own!

Funny story:

As I mentioned above Heidi is quite the diva. It rained a lot while she was here and she did not like walking on wet grass. So all of her business was done on the concrete. That was fun to constantly keep clean.

Zoomies for days.

Yoga with Heidi. Always an interesting time.

Clumsy zoomies for days, constantly running into walls and doors in an attempt to get everywhere the fastest.

Her random ability to randomly jump extremely high!

How her sweet ears would always flip back!

Flying onto the bed in the morning for cuddles.

How it always took her atleast two redirections to do what we asked.


Adopters: Heidi now goes by Mosey May! She got adopted by the sweetest family in Austin. She will be living the sweet life with her new mom and dad and keeping them company where ever they go. She will get to spend some days working with her mom at Google and will even get a certified badge! She is so so so loved and finally has a home that she deserves. She was a hard one for me to let go but this couple made it so much easier. Knowing she is going to a home where she will be treated how I believe every dog should be treated!

We love you Heidi and are already missing your unmatched energy and positivity around the house!


3 thoughts on “Foster Friday with Heidi

  1. So so sweet. Loved reading this the first thing this morning. Made me smile. I wished we could have gotten her. Y’all are so awesome fostering these sweet dogs. I loved the video of Heidi stepping on Gonzo to get on the couch. I’ve shown it to several people. Yay Gonzo you are awesome too

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