English Countryside

Erica and I decided on our first day together that we would be taking a 2 day trip to Salzburg. Salzburg is in Austria. It was the home of Mozart. Where The Sound of Music was filmed and where the best Christmas markets are! We are so excited!

To get to Salzburg we decided to take a train! We also decided to take an Uber to the train station instead of walking. We thought it best to not roll our suitcases on cobblestone streets for over a mile! Ha! Our Uber driver was Adam, and Erica and I were in love! 😍 he had trap music playing when we got in! Ha! Felt right at home! Before getting to the train station we made a stop at the best place around, Donut Shop! We even got Adam a donut for being so great! He told us it was the biggest one he’s ever seen! Ha! Leave it to the Americans to load him up with sugar first thing in the morning! 😂 We’re the worst!

We got to the train station and even though we had checked it out before it was still very overwhelming! We didn’t know what platform to go to and everything was in Czech!

Luckily, I’m not afraid to ask a question! Butttttttt no one spoke English! Then when we finally figured out how to read the board our platform number wouldn’t come up! 🤯 Finally, I found a person who was super helpful! Our train had been delayed! When the train finally arrived we boarded and then we were off to Austria!

The train was just like I imagined! We even had our own compartment! The view outside was of green rolling hills and mountains with cute little towns nestled in between! So dreamy! Also, traveling by train is the best! So much room, less security, no checking baggage, and better views! I prefer it way more than a plane!

We got to Salzburg around 4 in the afternoon. Stopped by the ATM to get some Euros, no more Korunas for the next couple of days! Then we hailed a taxi to our Airbnb. The taxi driver was mean, smelly and gave Erica and I weird vibe. (We were definitely missing Adam from earlier that morning!) Really makes me appreciate all the awesome Uber and Lyft drivers!

Our Airbnb is the cutest! Check out the view from our terrace! Not too bad!

Only wish it was a little closer to Old Town as we are having to figure out the public transit system to navigate our way around the city which can be a little difficult when you’re in a foreign country.

Totally understandable, right? Ha!

But as soon as we got to our Airbnb we threw our stuff into it and attempted to take a bus downtown to grab dinner! We were starving! And we made it! So, we ate at this nice Italian place and then strolled around Old Town which is the absolute cutest area! Can’t wait to see it in the daylight tomorrow! We stopped in an ornament shop called, Christmas in Salzburg! May or may not have gotten some souvenirs there! 😉

Not too exciting of a day as so much of it was spent on the train. At least my feet got a rest! We have been putting in about 10 miles up and down cobblestone the past few days!

Looking forward to checking out the sights tomorrow!

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

3 thoughts on “English Countryside

  1. Love that you’re taking time to share your adventure and all these wonderful pictures! Absolutely beautiful honey. That Christmas store looked amazing, and so did that donut shop!! Love you and be safe💕

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