Fourth of July

We decided to keep it pretty low key on the Fourth since we are heading home tomorrow. We just stayed around Wenatchee and explored the downtown area. Which actually ended up being my favorite day in the area!

We started out the day at The Hunter’s Wife Health Bar. I had avocado toast and a tumeric latte. It was delicious and now I want to open a health bar just like this one. Ha! 

After breakfast the locals suggested we walk down by the river. It started with a pretty little bridge over the train tracks which led to a beautiful, paved 7 mile path. There were beautiful flowers everywhere. The sun was shining. The people were beyond friendly. We walked around for a bit and the sat on a bench in the shade for awhile!

We walked back to my car around lunch time and decided to eat at The Hunter’s Wife again! Ha! I had an Acai bowl and it was so delicious on the hot day!

We came back to camp and hung out by the river for the rest of the afternoon! On another note, mI learned just how much Gonzo hates fireworks! After the first one he quickly made his way into he camper and looked at us like we were crazy for being outside with all the terrifying loud noises!

And that was the last day of my trip! Tomorrow I will post a little bit about the trip home and my thoughts and feeling on my trip coming to a close.

“The descent beckons, as the ascent beckoned.”

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