Wenatchee River

I am at my last campground of the trip! We are in Wenatchee, Washington! The campground is great, it’s situated in a valley surrounded by mountains and hills right alongside a river. While still beautiful I must admit I’m a little disappointed because the mountains are a little dried up. 

Kayleigh had to explain to me how different sides of the mountain work. One side is cool, lush and green and the other is warm, dry and brown.

Luckily, it’s a cool town and like I said, we are on the river. We are also only a 20 minute drive to the other side where it is pine tree heaven! 

I came to this location because I wanted to hike The Enchanments, located on the pine tree heaven side. I choose this particular campground because it had no reports of mosiquitos and had overall high ratings. 
While I did a ton of research prior to choosing and booking each location, apparently, I didn’t research The Enchantments that well. Ha! Due to preservation laws there are only a few hikers allowed to backpack into them every year and it’s based on a lottery system. So, no Enchanments for me this year, maybe I will enter into lotto in the future. 

So instead of hiking on our first day we decided to hang out by the river on this beautiful day! It was a great way to relax, play fetch and just enjoy some downtime!

“Say yes to the adventure.”

4 thoughts on “Wenatchee River

  1. I am STILL gonna try to steal Gonzo!!! That face!!! Your pics are wonderful! Are you driving straight thru back home? Bet hubby is missing you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I don’t know if he’d let you! He thinks I’m pretty cool right now for taking him on this trip! I was originally going to stop in Colorado on my way home but I’m not now. I’m presenting at a conference on Monday and am now feeling like I would like to have at least 24 hours at home before I have to leave to Dallas. And yes taylor has told me repeatedly how much he misses me! And I guess I miss him too! 😉


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